Sunday, May 4, 2008

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An Imvu Dressing Room Trick..

Why Try on an Item in a dressing room, when you can do it in a public room!!
Ok, this trick is not very heard, its quite east, so follow up.
Note:(The Outfit/Clothing only lasts for abotu 10 seconds)

Step 1:While search for clothes you come across something you like. Want to try it on?
instead of clicking *Try On*, Put the mouse over this sign, and view the bottom left
corner of the, and you should see an something like this:

imvu:DressUp?productId=494749(well this is default id)

Then, in the room your in, type exactly like it says
*try(space)(Product Id)
so it should look like: *try 494749

The Product ID is the set of numbers following the words productId

Thats all there is to it, Enjoy!!

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MTNQ-JDL9-AKT7-99BE: Awards Pirate Costume magic pin.

QNEL-NTBW-KLDU-GB2C: Awards 500 credits.

WBRK-LBAG-KQNL-B9N9: Awards 500 credits.

62RH-TFR5-773V-AEYM: Awards 100 credits.

4JVU-7BJ3-BK69-EEDQ: Awards 100 credits.

4CJ4-2XVH-RLLB-W3N3: Awards 50 credits.

A8TM-5VAM-FTNB-EYXE: Awards 50 credits.

BL5Z-PBFC-2SCB-7GHT: Awards 50 credits.

GQYM-EBVX-FAEG-QHH6: Awards 50 credits.

L55H-VB5U-L6JY-68CA: Awards 50 credits.

YBAX-KBHB-CRJB-8Y5R: Awards 50 credits.

VTSL-8CXS-GDMJ-BB3P: Awards 50 credits.

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