Sunday, May 4, 2008

An Imvu Dressing Room Trick..

Why Try on an Item in a dressing room, when you can do it in a public room!!
Ok, this trick is not very heard, its quite east, so follow up.
Note:(The Outfit/Clothing only lasts for abotu 10 seconds)

Step 1:While search for clothes you come across something you like. Want to try it on?
instead of clicking *Try On*, Put the mouse over this sign, and view the bottom left
corner of the, and you should see an something like this:

imvu:DressUp?productId=494749(well this is default id)

Then, in the room your in, type exactly like it says
*try(space)(Product Id)
so it should look like: *try 494749

The Product ID is the set of numbers following the words productId

Thats all there is to it, Enjoy!!


Dodds said...

This no longer works. IMVU patched this after version 424.

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